Company’s mission

Our mission is to create the most comfortable conditions for the development of business and entrepreneurship in the Republic of Uzbekistan.
The number of new jobs directly depends on the conditions for creating new enterprises. Our main goals are to contribute to the upbringing of the young generation in families where all adults have a workplace in their homeland, and to improve the quality of life of the people.
In its activity in the field of search and delivery of production equipment, raw materials and consumables, agricultural machinery, transport (trucks, buses, storage equipment: autocars, hydraulic cars) for the Republic of Uzbekistan and Central Asia, as well as an expanded range of B2B services , NovaGroupMachinery is based on the following principles:
• Transparency and legality of business relations – everything is documented, reports are provided to customers.
• An integrated approach to solving customer problems – optimal quality, best service, the shortest time.
• Maintaining a business reputation – responsibility towards the client, guarantees.
• Continuous development – the development of new services, consistently competitive prices and the best loyalty program.